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international shipping

난 빨강 /박성우 청소년시집 (KBS 달빛프린스 선정도서 ) 

  • This item has been terminated for sale.
International Shipping
(+ Shipping Fee in Korea)
International shipping rate

You can purchase the items through 70 available countries

The cost of international shipping will be charged independently with local delivery fee. The rate varies based on the country and the items’ weight via EMS service noticed.

Local Delivery
Free ~ ₩2,000 in Korea

Shipping rates are subject to change according to the purchase amount.

shipping rate
₩2,000For purchases whose amount is less than ₩10,000
FreeFor purchases of a single item whose amount is ₩10,000 or more
Purchasing this item is not available now.

Item sales are stopped.

(The image of this item may not be visible.)

Item Details

Item Details

Item Details
Status New product
Item No. 594435692
Period of use
- Months
Price at the point of purchase  
Manufactured date/Expiration date Manufactured date:2010.02.26    Expiration date:2010.02.26
Shipment Courier service
Place of origin 제공안함
Weight216g (Expected default weight)
※ Option items and additional items weight is excluded, and then actual measurements may vary. In addition, overseas shipping will be charged based on actual weight.
Available Shipping Regions Nationwide
After-sales service 1599-1121
Mail to: 413843 경기도 파주시 탄현면 금승리 583-5 예스이십사 물류센터
Return/Exchange shipping cost in korea (attributable to the buyer): 2,000/2,000
However, in international Shipping case, and then by clicking the [Return/Exchange Policies] button be sure to check the details.
Return/Exchange Policies
Information on return/exchange
Worldwide Shipping(Ship Internationally) Return/Exchange Policies

경기도 파주시 탄현면 금승리 583-5 예스이십사 물류센터

Address of item return/exchange

413843 경기도 파주시 탄현면 금승리 583-5 예스이십사 물류센터

Delivery fee for returns/exchanges

The following is the Delivery fee to be paid by a purchaser in the case of returning or exchanging an item due to the purchaser’s fault.

  • Delivery fee for return: 2,000
  • Delivery fee for exchange: 2,000
  • In the initial shipping free case, delivery fee for return to be charged: Roundtrip (one-wayx2)
delivery information

See details

01. option


Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller 11번가도서 (SKPlanet)
Shop Name/Representative SK플래닛(주) / 서성원
Category of Business 법인사업자
Business Registration Number 1048636968
Registration of Online Marketing Business 제2014-경기성남-0036호
Contact NO. 1599-0110
Location of Headquarters 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로 264 (삼평동)
Items completed with authentication Business Registration Number, Shop Name
Authentication Date 2012.08.29

11street Payment Depository Business Registration Number.: 02-006-000022

This seller has been registered as a member of the Purchase Safety Services of SK Planet Co., Ltd. that 11street has subscribed to
for all transactions regardless of the amount and type of payment to ensure online transaction security and transparency for all our customers.

Confirm the subscription to the service

11street has been granted, i.e. , the Payment Depository Business License (Registration Number 02-006-000022) by the Financial Supervisory Service in accordance with the the Electronic Financial Transactions Act and all sellers on the 11street website are required to subscribe to the service to conduct their online business.

Customer Reviews


Those who post an item review following purchase will be given the Mileage in accordance with your Shopping Grade
(the time of posting review). View detail

Customer Reviews

delivery information : order in the morning and get it in the afternoon!! Inquiry for shipment 1599-1121 - 9AM~6PM, Mon~Fri(Lunch Time PM1:00~2:00 ~ Closed on Sat, Sun and Pubilc holiday)

When and whether to place order to enjoy Same-Day / One-Day Delivery Services

Same-Day / One-Day Delivery Services, which are available if your pick-up address and the time of placing order fall into the applicable categories, deliver your package on the same day / the following day you place your order, respectively.

1. Seoul Metropolitan Area, Suwon, Incheon, Cheonan

Same-Day Delivery: Mon-Sat, Midnight-11AM
One-Day Delivery: Mon-Fri, 11AM-Midnight

2. Daegu

Same-Day Delivery: Mon-Sat, Midnight-1PM
One-Day Delivery: Mon-Fri, 1PM-Midnight

3. Busan, Changwon, Jinhae, Gimhae

Same-Day Delivery: Mon-Sat, Midnight-12PM
One-Day Delivery: Mon-Fri, 12PM-Midnight

4. Daejeon, Gwangju

Same-Day Delivery: Mon-Sat, between Midnight and 11AM
One-Day Delivery: Mon-Fri, 11AM-Midnight

※ Those who place an order from areas other than what is described above will be able to use One-Day Delivery service only.
(Mon-Fri, Midnight-6PM)

※ References

- The One-Day Delivery Service on Monday will be available until 1PM due to accumulated orders over the weekend.
- The available time for Same-Day/One-Day Delivery Services is subject to change without prior notice depending on the amount of orders.
- The time of placing an order time will be based on the time of making payment or the time of completing the transfer transaction in the case of deposit without bankbook.
- The time of deposit without bankbook to be eligible for Same-Day/One-Day Delivery Services: same as the time of placing order.

※ Same-Day/One-Day Delivery Services will not be available in the event of

- Orders placed from mountainous regions, islands and other remote or isolated areas.
- Combined orders that include items eligible for [Same-Day/One-Day] Delivery or reserved items and items that belong to the category of Regular Delivery.
- Prior notice made by 11st due to special reasons, including but not limited to force majeure and peak seasons, during holidays.
- Customer's request for exchange due to faulty item, missing item or wrong delivery.
- Return due to change of pick-up address requested by the customer, no answer or absence, or delay in delivery.


1. Guide for requesting the refund & exchange

- You may submit your request for your ordered item(s) within 30 days upon completion of shipment.
- You may not change it for another item. Please, return the item and place another order again.
- In the event of requesting for exchange or additional delivery, if confirmed, you may view the status at MY 11st >

2. Guidelines

- You may cancel but not modify your request before your request is delivered to a courier service provider, after which
you need to contact our Customer Care Center for further inquiry or request.
- You may not use the designated couriers for return from PO Box, military unit or mountainous regions & islands. You
need to return the item by yourself after submitting your request. (The return delivery cost will be reimbursed in the case
of item damage or wrong delivery if you contact our Customer Care Center).
- If you open a plastic-wrapped item or use it you may not request for return even within the validity period.

3. Our requests

- Make sure to write the original order code and your name on the envelope or the box after packaging(so that
our Logistics Center will be able to identify your package.)

- Return Address: Return Manager, 583-5 Beonji, Geumseung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, paju-si, Gyeonggi Province. Zip code : 413-843