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Holika Holika Pig nose clear blackhead 3-step kit 11 ea / nose strip / pore tightening / 

  • This item has been terminated for sale.
International Shipping
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You can purchase the items through 70 available countries

The cost of international shipping will be charged independently with local delivery fee. The rate varies based on the country and the items’ weight via EMS service noticed.

Local Delivery
Free in Korea
Average delivery period in korea: 1.6 days

The number(ratio) of successful deliveries in
1.6days : 800 (78%)

What is an Average Local Delivery Period?

It refers to the average period it takes from the date of completing your orders and payment to the date of receiving your package. The Average Delivery Period is shown on items that were ordered and delivered within the Average Delivery Period of three days in the previous month. This is the Average Delivery Period for the concerned seller. Items from a single seller may have different Average Delivery Periods depending on the type and shipping distance of products (Like Custom-made items or International Shipping).

Purchasing this item is not available now.

Item is not currently for sale.

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Item Details

Item Details

Item Details
Status New product
Item No. 1130357538
Period of use
- Months
Price at the point of purchase  
Manufactured date/Expiration date Manufactured date:Contact the seller    Expiration date:Contact the seller
Shipment Courier service
Place of origin National
Weight200g (Expected default weight)
※ Option items and additional items weight is excluded, and then actual measurements may vary. In addition, overseas shipping will be charged based on actual weight.
Available Shipping Regions Nationwide
After-sales service 070-5014-0324
Mail to: 410560 경기도 고양시 일산동구 문봉동 100-41 1층 인앤인코스메틱
Return/Exchange shipping cost in korea (attributable to the buyer): 2,500/5,000
However, in international Shipping case, and then by clicking the [Return/Exchange Policies] button be sure to check the details.
Return/Exchange Policies
Information on return/exchange
Worldwide Shipping(Ship Internationally) Return/Exchange Policies


Address of item return/exchange

410560 경기도 고양시 일산동구 문봉동 100-41 1층 인앤인코스메틱

Delivery fee for returns/exchanges

The following is the Delivery fee to be paid by a purchaser in the case of returning or exchanging an item due to the purchaser’s fault.

  • Delivery fee for return: 2,500
  • Delivery fee for exchange: 5,000
  • In the initial shipping free case, delivery fee for return to be charged: Roundtrip (one-wayx2)

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Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller 홀리카샵 (inenin00)
Shop Name/Representative (주)인앤인코스메틱 / 송진호
Category of Business 법인사업자
Business Registration Number 1058727737
Registration of Online Marketing Business 2014-고양일산동-0658
Contact NO.
Location of Headquarters 경기도 고양시 일산동구 견달산로 317 (문봉동)
Items completed with authentication Business Registration Number, Shop Name
Authentication Date 2009.06.26

11street Payment Depository Business Registration Number.: 02-006-000022

This seller has been registered as a member of the Purchase Safety Services of SK Planet Co., Ltd. that 11street has subscribed to
for all transactions regardless of the amount and type of payment to ensure online transaction security and transparency for all our customers.

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Return/exchange policy

You may submit your request within seven days upon receipt of your package.
Note, however, that you may not submit your request for return/exchange if:

  • the package or part of it is lost or damaged due to lack of care or some other fault the customer is responsible for
    (except for damage to the package that allows the product inside to be seen )
  • the value of the product is severely reduced due to use or consumption by the customer
  • the value of the product is reduced so severely that it cannot be re-sold due to the lapse of time
  • the package is damaged for a product that can be easily copied or forged
  • a custom-made product individually produced upon the request of a customer starts to be manufactured


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  • In the case of purchasing ‘industrial items that are subject to safety inspection,’ please verify the availability of having the Safety Test indication that is issued according to ‘Quality Management and Safety Management Law of Industrial Products.’
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